Small but Significant Courageous Acts to Help Partner Across Difference 
  1. Engage with others. Reach out and speak your truth while being respectful of others. Invite others to speak their truth as well.

  2. Know that your way or approach is just that, YOUR WAY. It is no more right or wrong than someone else’s. It just is. 

  3. Notice and feel what you and others feel. Bridging difference with others is an emotional –not just an intellectual – process.

  4. Listen deeply to understand another’s perspective (especially when you disagree). Don’t confuse understanding with agreement.

  5. Work from within your own sphere of influence, then expand it.

  6. Choose love in the form of patience, empathy and courage instead. Do not succumb to hate. Know and use your support systems. Seek them out so you don’t feel isolated and alone.

  7. Especially for those of us in dominant groups, figure out your own personal work- as a white person, as a man, as a heterosexual.

  8. Understand and probe your self-interest to support you standing in solidarity with other historically marginalized people.

  9. Pay attention to the gap between intention and impact- in both your interactions with others and theirs with you. Work always to close it.