Diversity Programs
  • WHITE MEN’S CAUCUS – Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations
  • FULL DIVERSITY PARTNERS (formerly WMAA) – Deepening Partnerships to Create Inclusive Organizations
  • Courageous Leaders Summits
  • Conscious Team Sessions
  • Keynotes and Conference Sessions
  • Competency Coaching
  • Reflection, Application and Integration Session – Lab or Summit follow up focusing on applying skills learned
White Men's Self-Interest In Diversity Work
  • Enhanced personal and work relationships
  • Reduced feelings of guilt or shame
  • Better able to work through complexity
  • Easier to initiate or engage in difficult conversations
  • Feeling more empowered to effect change
  • Greater curiosity and willingness to learn and ask questions
  • More willingness to make mistakes in service of diversity work

Flexible Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Regardless of where clients are in their diversity journey, they find that our programs complement and support their corporate diversity initiatives. Perhaps because our Learning Labs and Summits are not standard academic training programs, which though helpful, in our experience do not wade into the deeper waters that inspire courageous leaders to transform workplace cultures.

Popular - Controversial - Misunderstood

Our White Men’s Caucus is our most popular, and certainly, the most controversial and most misunderstood program. But also, the most transformative.

Transformative because during the program white men begin to see how privileges afforded their “white men culture” drive unconscious bias, and unconscious cultural incompetence in the workplace. As a result of their work in the Caucus, they shatter the myth that diversity work is best left to women or people of color. And they are energized to partner with the non-dominant groups who on their own, often do not have sufficient influence to transform workplace cultures.

White Men Reconnecting

Working with white leaders – the dominant group leading corporate America – is a place to begin, not end the diversity journey. Bringing white men off the sidelines to engage in diversity work, and to help them realize that it is in their self-interest to create and cultivate cultures of full inclusion. Yes, white men have something to gain as well.