Diversity programs train leaders. We engage leaders emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

What is a courageous leader?

Courageous leaders display a passionate commitment and a pioneering mindset to create partnerships across difference. They demonstrate success at both the personal and organization level. They change the way diversity and inclusion is practiced in their organization. They engage their organization to think and act in ways that include everyone.

Courageous Leaders lead and inspire others to forge new paths that engage white men alongside others as full diversity partners. They model full partnership that engages everyone. They challenge and help shift assumptions, mindsets and practices to expand how diversity and inclusion is defined and experienced.  VIDEO

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. –Albert Einstein
Video Call-Outs
  • “Bringing white men off the sidelines to engage in diversity & inclusion work is vital to how they partner with women, white people of color.”
  • “Leaders are about engaging others which is different than the conventional wisdom that a leader is supposed to be all knowing and all seeing, telling other people what to do.”
  • “They’re not afraid to be surrounded by people that actually have better ideas than they do.”
  • “They’re not afraid to admit mistakes, they’re not afraid to say “I didn’t realize what I said or did impacted you, could you tell me more?”