Fully inclusive cultures benefit from engaged and motivated talent who drive innovation. By partnering with WMFDP, leaders will build their understanding of the impact of unconscious bias and systemic privilege and—more important—will grow and cultivate core inclusive leadership skills.

Overview of Learning Sessions
Engage Leaders & Build a Critical Mass of Change Agents
  • Conscious Teams Session | 2-8 hrs.
  • White Men’s Caucus: On Eliminating Racism, Sexism And Homophobia In Organizations |  3.5-days
  • Full Diversity Partners Lab: Deepening Partnerships to Create Inclusive Organizations | 3.5-days
  • Keynote Sessions and Conference Break Out Sessions | 90 mins-4 hours
Build Engagement and Culture
  • Strategic D&I Roadmap | 4-hrs.
  • Courageous Leaders Summit | 10 hrs. over 2 days
  • Reflection, Application & Integration Session | 4-6 hrs.
  • Partnership Dialogue Sessions | 4 hrs.
Accelerate and Support Leadership Impact

     Competency Coaching

  • Individual Competency Coaching
  • Group (small team) Competency Coaching

WMFDP Assessment Tools
  • WMFDP Readiness Assessment
  • Voices Cultural Assessment
  • WMFDP Impact Assessment
  • WMFDP 360 Inclusive Leader Assessment