1. Courage

  2. Integrating Head & Heart

  3. Listening

  4. Balancing Key Paradoxes

  5. Leveraging Ambiguity And Turbulence

  6. Managing Difficult Conversations

  7. Seeing And Thinking Systemically

  8. Being An Agent Of Change

Using the Eight Critical Leadership Skills to fuel their individual skill development, leaders are emboldened to:
  • Take Courageous Action. Your leaders will learn skills and approaches that create powerful experiences that will move leaders to courageous action.
  • Value and Build Authentic Relationships. Your diversity journey will bring out full humanity—head and heart connected—to workplace interactions because business-like does not mean being less human.
  • Seek Out and Speak Truth. Their own as well as others. Full partnership involves telling each other our truth. Creating lasting change in leaders and organizations requires deep trusting partnerships.
  • Create Enduring & Meaningful Change. Leaders learn to craft and sustain inclusive cultures –different points of view, a variety of ideas, and myriad of ways of doing “business-as-unusual” that will help people feel comfortable in expressing their differences.