WHITE MEN’S CAUCUS: Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations  

The Caucus is an immersive 3.5 day residential program designed for up to 16 white men who may attend solo or with work colleagues.


  • To help white men more fully see and understand their culture, and its impact on themselves and their workplace.


  • Courageous leadership to become a more committed and active partner in diversity.

Helping Leaders See The Culture They Swim In

This innovative white-male only session shatters the myth that white men don’t have an important role to play in creating and sustaining inclusive work environments.

The Caucus helps white men more fully see and understand their culture, and its impact on themselves and others. The Lab dynamics create an environment where white men, often for the first time, can openly explore their questions, confusions, hopes, and concerns related to “diversity issues” in their organizations and private lives . Article | Why the Fish Must See The Water They Swim In

Creating The Space To Fuel Impactful Diversity Conversations

The brave and supportive space that Labs create is vital to their success. Safety fuels difficult conversations. The dialogue is provocative. The experience, powerful. There is open (or even skeptical) willingness to build self-knowledge and understanding of the systemic issues that stifle diversity & inclusion. The residential experience achieves participant bonding naturally, in a way not easily realized in a corporate setting.

FULL DIVERSITY PARTNERS (Formerly WMAA): Deepening Partnerships to Create Inclusive Organizations

The FDP Lab is an immersive 3.5 day residential program for up to 24 people of color, women, and white men.


  • Transform participant understanding of roles and personal stake in a company’s diversity & inclusion efforts.


  • Understand how systemic racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism operate as systemic advantage in their work, community, and personal lives.

Deepen Workplace Partnerships

The FDP Lab is a provocative and powerful experience that has fundamentally transformed partnerships. The intent of the Lab is to create safe and meaningful dialogues, where everyone realizes their self-interest in being full partners in diversity change efforts.

Teams work across the differences of ethnicity, gender, race and sexual orientation to develop partnership skills that deepen diversity dialogues and impact organizational change. ARTICLE | What White Men, White Women, and People Of Color Can Do

Take The Time To Listen, Learn, And Practice

The 3.5-day Learning Labs provide time for self-awareness to grow at its own pace. Time for for ongoing inquiry (lots of inquiry). Time to listen with head and heart, then reflect and share –then listen and learn some more.

In the White Men’s Caucus there is time to reflect on one’s own, likely unacknowledged, white culture. In the FDP Lab, time to encounter and dialogue across differences. In both, there is time to write and practice the personal action plans that will sustain the work during and after a Lab.

Curriculum Highlights

Eight Critical Leadership Skills • Drawing on Courage • Diversity Mindsets – Consciousness Quadrants • Partnership Framework. Article | What’s It Gonna Take—Critical Skills for Courageous White Male Leaders