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The All In: Inclusive Leaders for Gender Equity Summit gives men, in partnership with women, a place to ask questions, learn from each other, challenge outdated thinking and find actionable steps to help them stand up as courageous role models for inclusion.

During this two half-day workshop, we’ll examine—at the interpersonal and organization level—the shifts in personal mindset, leadership behavior, and organizational strategy needed to improve partnerships between men and women. The program is an immersive learning experience that is interactive and provocative: looking at what is needed to fundamentally change how male leaders think about and champion gender equity. While there is no quick fix, the inclusion equity journey becomes energizing and sustainable when members of the dominant group — often men — create a sustainable practice that includes courageous dialogue and action, leading to greater partnership across gender.

Teams of two or more leaders or managers are encouraged to attend. This will support the integration of new skills back at work. Individuals are also welcome. Women are an important part of the workshop – please join us.

As a participant, you will:

  • Learn how to better partner across gender to create a culture of inclusion where all women (and men) feel valued, respected and engaged.
  • Explore how gender bias is experienced in the work environment.
  • Better understand dominant business culture and its impact on leadership behavior and partnership with women.
  • Learn the Eight Critical Leadership Skills to lead more effectively and partner across gender.
  • Practice the skills needed to initiate and engage in courageous conversations about diversity issues.
  • Identify a personal commitment and peer accountability goal to move forward.


Schedule: November 5 12:30-17:30 and November 6 8:30-12:30

$9,500 HKD/$1,200 USD – standard

$7,900 HKD/$1,000 USD – register by September 1


NOTE: If registering with a credit card with a non-US zip code, please use WMFDP’s address for billing information – 

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